Priority Schools Building Programme: A modular Solution for Primary Schools

In this fast changing economic climate the lack of market interest in constructing primary schools in Greater London was acutely evident. An alternative was needed urgently to deliver the much needed replacement schools within set funding timescales.

Blacc Consultings’ Richard Crosby was handed the task by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to explore a modular solution. Although modular schools are nothing new, the key challenge was to ensure that the modular providers could deliver to the EFA’s very specific design guide with stringent environmental and daylighting requirements, this together with the constraints of a very low funding envelope.

Calling on experience of high value retail roll out programme management commissions, Richard understood that the key was in understanding the modular provider’s business risks. After initial market research on the subject, Richard was able to design a procurement strategy that sought to reduce these risks to maximise market interest.

As a result a successful contract was placed to design and deliver seven whole primary schools with a higher spec and lower cost to the EFA.

Richard has been retained by the EFA to act as Modular Champion and is providing advice on modular solutions to the Cabinet Office and Department for Education, in addition to overseeing the design and construction of all modular construction for the EFA.